Flower Beds

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Hostas Bleeding Hearts

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A spring planted Wide Brim Hosta is a great way to spice up a shaded garden.  The bluish green leaves of this perennial are accented with cream colored edges.  They will grow into a large lush mound and in the middle of summer expect beautiful lavender flowers.

Lenten Roses

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Lenten Roses are a winter to spring blooming shade perennial that can stand up to almost anything in the garden.  They offer beautiful flowers in many colors and is used by man for borders, foundations or as a woodland garden.

They last for months!  Cuttings man be used to float, face up, in shallow bowls for several weeks.


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The Coneflower is really colorful and super tough, they have large pinkish-purple blooms with pronounced coppery centers.

A Coneflower plant can grow to 2-feet tall with the flowers around 4 inches across.

Also known as Echinacea with nine species and part of the daisy family.

Black Eye Susan

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The Black Eye Susan is named from the conspicuous brown or black center surrounded by bright yellow peddles.  They are a part of the Sunflower family growing anywhere from 12-40 in tall and 12-18 in wide.  They bloom in late summer and early autumn.

Blanket Flowers

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Blanket Flowers are a perennial with a long bloom season.  The daisy like flowers produce in early summer to early autumn in shades of yellow, red and orange - adding a dazzle to any garden attracting butterflies.

They can grow to heights over 2 feet tall; easy to care for and have very few insect or disease problems.

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